How to Stop Eating Meat


My ego made me stop eating meat.

I’d love to say my motivation was health, or animal compassion, or something substantial but honestly my reason was quite superficial. I stopped eating meat because I want to look HOT when I am older.

Over the years, I noticed that people who ate a plant-based diet and were over 40 years old tended to look at least 10 years younger, if not more. It wasn’t just one person because it got to the point where I could look at someone’s face and say, “I bet they don’t eat meat.”

I think Annette Larkins sealed the deal for me. Once I heard her story, I knew I had to change what I was doing. It was a gradual process because I had already given up pork for health reasons. But I was still chowing down on the beef and chicken. I’m a steak and potato type of girl.

I knew that it would be difficult to cut out meat if there was nothing to replace it, so I took one month to start introducing more foods into my household. I started looking up recipes, trying new things, buying processed meat replacements to use as a crutch.

I really wanted to see what would happen if I stopped buying meat and didn’t say anything. It took three weeks before my husband realized I wasn’t buying beef and that’s only because he brought me home a cheeseburger and I got mad.

“Why would you bring me this when you know I’m trying to give up meat?”

“What, you just made tacos the other day!”

“That wasn’t meat, meat….”

And the discussion began. (As a side note, I guess those crutch replacements are pretty convincing…)

These days I’ve deepened spiritually and that guides my path. A lot of people talk about the end of the world, survival scenarios, etc. and I would always say, “if it came to that, then I would just eat plants because I’m not killing any animals. And who is going to clean that up?”

That thought came to my mind so much that, I responded back to myself by saying “If that is how you feel then perhaps you should think about what that means.” And thus began my spiritual journey.

This is just my story. There is no judgement on anyone else because that’s really not my style. This is for people who maybe want to give up meat, but they just need an extra little motivational boost.

Whatever your reasons are, here are some tips to help you make that journey.

1) Add more foods to your diet. Learn the names of veggies and legumes that you aren’t familiar with. Learn how to prepare them. Start trying new recipes.

2) Stop eating meat one day per week for a month. For example, say Monday’s are meatless and do that for a month.

3) The next month do two days per week. While you are doing this, keep adding new foods to your diet.

4) The next month do three days per week, and so on and so forth until it’s done.

Of course, you can just take a month to prepare like I did, but some people find it easier than others. Wherever you are on your journey, remember to be loving and kind to yourself. Be patient because you didn’t develop your habits overnight.

What are your tips for adding new foods to your diet? I’d love to hear from you.







  1. Fab post thanks for sharing. I too have given up meat for several reasons but am looking forward to the benefits of a plant based diet!

    • I understand. I should have added that it’s not easy to tame those meat cravings, lol.

  2. I’m considering reducing my meat consumption or maybe a more pescatarian diet. You outlined a tangible way for anyone to start altering their diet! I’ll let you know if I ever make the change. xoxo

  3. I eat meat quite often because I also lift weights, I have to get my protein in from meat mostly so giving it up would be quite a challenge.

    • It’s great that people can eat the diets that work best for them. We have to do what works! But if anyone is interested in adopting a plant-based diet but they are worried about working out, there are plenty of vegan weight lifters and body builders to seek out their menus. Olympian Kendrick Farris comes to mind as does that Youtuber who I think is called Vegan Gains. I’m so glad that we have this internet to share all these different lifestyles. Wholeness to you!

  4. I’m glad you’ve been able to do it! Hubby and I cut out meat and most animal byproducts, etc right before I got pregnant with our first. It was too much at once and we were still figuring it out. I didn’t know how to maintain a proper diet without meat and that was important to me while so, we started that again.We were doing well though before that.Since then hubby has had a change of heart. I’ve considered it again a couple times but I think I am leaning more towards just cutting out meat on specific days to cut back how much we consume. Great tips though, I will be using them to get back into a groove!

    • Thank you for sharing. I think a lot of people have a hard time finding out what to eat when meat isn’t the base of it. That’s why I always say ADD before you SUBTRACT! I’m glad my tips were helpful.

  5. My husband and I have seen this video numerous times in the past and is always in awe! Compared to him, I have a much harder time letting go of meat as I am working to gain some mass. However, I want to eat more plant-based foods moving forward so your tips are still very helpful!

  6. Wow! Annette Larkins looks amazing! I lost my craving for meat in my 40’s and now I only eat birds, lol (chicken & turkey). More and more companies are coming up with good ‘vegan’ meat substitutes, and that helps.
    Great post!

  7. I was actually a vegetarian for 16 years and I never felt deprived. I only recently started eating meat again to improve my iron levels. There are so many fantastic meals that you can make without meat. I think it’s important to have a few meat free days a week.

  8. Great post. It’s very difficult for me to stop eating meat. Hopefully this post can do wonders.

  9. Great post! I studied nutrition in college, so I know just how important a plant-based diet is to long-term health. Although we are not vegetarians, I do make many meatless meals in our home and try new recipes all the time.

  10. Love this. It’s been a very long time since I’ve eaten meat and as of January my husband stopped eating it. We both just feel better.

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